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Internet / Website Content—Your 24/7 resource for all your editing needs!

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression—make it a good one!

You want your website to grab the user's attention—don’t lose them because your website content is not communicating effectively and accurately!

You need to reflect the time and effort you have put into your website design—the committed content writers and editors at can help you with that. There's nothing that takes away from a professional-looking website more than poorly used words, ineffective communication, misspellings, and grammatical errors that could have been caught by using the professional content writers and editors at

What We Edit

Websites, blogs, newsletters, emails, web content, reports, slide shows, video content, personal statements, professional statements, personal websites, business websites, personal documents, business documents, PowerPoint presentations, and more!

For better communication, better use BetterEdit!

How We Help You

At we help you communicate more effectively! Whether it's a simple email or a complex website, using the professional editing services of will significantly improve your communication and increase your likelihood of connecting with your target user!

Editing is part science and part art. At BetterEdit the craft of editing is skillfully administered by our dedicated editors who are committed to helping you communicate better. They are able to get to the core of what you want to say and make sure your ideas are clear, concise, and effectively communicated! As well as working with native English speakers, our specialty is helping those whose native language is not English.

Why Use is your number one resource for all your editing needs!

We know how valuable your time is! You’ve put in the hard work and done the writing, now it's time for you to get back to what you do best and let us do what we do best—have our team of conscientious and meticulous editors help you turn out a professionally edited website!

When you use the comprehensive editing services of BetterEdit, we check for:

  • Correct grammar
  • Correct spelling
  • Correct punctuation
  • Correct use of homonyms (like "to," "two," and "too")
  • Correct sentence structure
  • Correct tense
  • Correct syntax
  • Appropriate use of vocabulary
  • Repetition, ambiguity, and redundancy
  • The flow of your ideas
  • Advertising appeal
  • Consistency of style
  • Typographical errors
  • Run-on sentences
  • Sentence fragments
  • Omissions and inconsistencies
  • Structural organization and logical progression
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Capitalization
  • Abbreviations
  • Adherence to appropriate conventions

We also:

  • Keep your target audience in mind
  • Edit to a specified word limit (additional fees apply for a reduction of more than 5%)
  • Preserve your voice
  • Reduce verbosity or rambling

We make sure your work is easy to understand and has a logical flow! We take care of any awkward writing and return to you a clear, concise, and effectively communicated website!

For better communication, better use BetterEdit!

Who Uses

Website developers, web content writers, business owners, students, entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, restaurant owners, individuals, technical writers, authors of instruction manuals, authors of training manuals, graphic designers, bloggers, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, company executives, non-native English speakers—anyone who has written anything or needs to write website content should use! Better use BetterEdit for Better Communication!


Our editors sign confidentiality agreements and delete the document once we receive confirmation you have received the edited version. We take your need for confidentiality seriously!

Comprehensive Internet and Website Content Editing

Website content editing, blog editing, Wikipedia article editing, social network editing, ebook editing, proofread website content, proofread blogs, write website content (see separate pricing), business document editing, letter editing, email editing, ezine editing, advertising copy editing, training material editing, online newsletter editing, proofread Wikipedia articles—you name it, we edit and/or proofread it! We also write website content! Contact us for a quote.

More Reasons To Use!

  • We specialize in business editing and website content writing to maximize search engine optimization results!

  • Fast service—24/7! Because we're Internet-based, we're available day or night, 365 days a year. All you need is Internet access. We work around the clock to meet your deadlines and can return work within a matter of hours.

  • Quality is our No. 1 priority, but we know you want to keep an eye on your costs—we doubt you’ll find a comparable editing service that can match our prices and quality!

  • After we edit or write your website content, you'll really see the difference.

  • We're sincere in our desire to help you succeed! It’s more than just a job for us—helping you communicate better is a passion for everyone at BetterEdit!

  • After using the professional web-content writing and editing services of, our clients tell us their website gets more hits.

  • The testimonials on the website are real comments from real clients who use BetterEdit for Better Communication!

  • We don’t just edit your work, we also email you a supporting document providing you with a valuable tool to help you become a better writer. We highlight the changes we’ve made and provide feedback to help you improve your writing skills and save you money! We've been delivering results since 2000!

  • We’ve served hundreds of clients during that time, most of them staying with us for years!

  • One of our strengths is working with ESOL/ESL speakers. We successfully compose and edit website content for non-native English speakers and turn them into websites that optimize search engine results. We will professionally write, edit, or proofread your website, regardless of your native language!

  • Our team is comprised of native-English speakers so they have a thorough grasp of the English language and its nuances as well as the effective use of search engine optimization!

  • We only employ highly qualified web content writers and editors. Members of our staff are some of the best around as we only hire individuals who have extensive experience with web content writing or editing. Some of our staff have as many as 40 years of experience.

  • We have a very selective hiring process: we normally receive around 50 applicants in response to our ads, but at most only 1 or 2 are selected.

  • You can rest assured we have a talented and dedicated team of writers and editors to assist you.

  • We are up front about our editing fees so you don't have to submit your website content to get a price—you’ll know how much your editing fee is simply by checking our pricing on! (Contact us for web content pricing.)

For better communication, better use BetterEdit!