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International Phone Cards

Shopping around for a new calling card is not an easy task. Firstly there are so many providers that tout rates as low as 1 cent/minute and other such wonderful rates, and secondly there is simply so much choice how do you know what is good and what is bad?

Here, at we provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about which calling card is best for you.

Tip #1 - If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
When you start searching for a card, you will see adverts for rates as low as 1 cent/minute to destinations around the world. If you see this, be cautious as rates this low are too good to be true.

Tip #2 - Check the Connection Charges
Always look at the "more information" or "more detail" links on websites to see what the other charges there are. One of the most common charges is a connection or disconnection charge which will deduct anything from 10 cents to a few dollars simply for connecting or disconnecting the call. Be careful!

Tip #3 - Check for other hidden charges
Some cards have other hidden charges such as monthly or weekly service fees, or maintenance fees. These fees can range from a few cents a week to a few dollars a week depending on the card - and before you know it you balance is wiped out without even making a call.

Tip #4 - What billing increments does the card use?
The billing increments are the timescale you are billed at when you make calls. The best increment to get is per second billing or per minute billing - both of these will stop you being billed for time you have not used. If you have a card that offers 3 minute or 5 minute billing, be aware! For example, if you have a card that offer 3 minute billing, and you use only 1 minute on a call then you will still be billed for 3 minutes!

Tip #5 - When does the card expire?
Some cards will have an expiry date on it, so once you have passed that date the card is dead and it cannot be used anymore. Try to look for a card that never expires, so you can use your minutes when you want to!

Tip #6 - Look for added features
The sign of a good calling card is one that offers other features apart from just the usual calling service. These features could include online account management, speed dial, voicemail, etc... If a provider has taken the time to add these services, it can often be a sign they have a very strong, solid product.

Tip #7 - Email them!
If you see a calling card you like, send the company an email to see firstly how quickly they respond and secondly to check that the website has a real person behind it - you will be surprised how many websites are not attended to regularly!

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