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If you're writing an email to a friend or creating internal memos for your office, you may not be so concerned with proper grammar and the effectiveness of your words. Simple and direct communication may be all that's necessary for these. However, there are times when professional proofreading is in order and when it can make the difference between personal and professional success.Some don't realize the importance of something like proofreading and may not even understand how the things they say, and how they're said, make a difference in their career. From the time you begin college and even before, you're being judged and critiqued for how well you communicate and for any errors you have in reports, dissertations, and so on. In your professional career as well, proper proofreading can mean knowing that you've gotten your point across and that no one will be distracted by mistakes and errors.Here are some additional considerations to keep in mind when it comes to professional proofreading and how it can benefit you in your college years and in your own career as well.

Getting your point across.

One area of communication in which many people struggle is being able to get their point across so that the other party understands the purpose of this communication, and understands what is expected of them or what the first party wants them to do. This is one area in which professional proofreading can help. An editor can review a speech or manuscript or other communication and see if he or she understands the point. They can then offer constructive ways to communicate that point more clearly and effectively. This means that proofreading is done, not just to check for grammatical and punctuation errors, but to judge something's effectiveness.One reason that this works with professional proofreading is that someone writing a speech or paper or article knows their subject very well and knows what they're trying to say, but doesn't "hear" their communication the way another party might. The person speaking or writing understands certain terms and phrases and so may not explain them clearly, or their thoughts may jump around from point to point which would confuse another person. Professional proofreading can avoid these problems so that communication is clear and effective.

Checking for errors.

Of course professional proofreading is about checking for errors as well as about reading the content of material as well. When a document or speech or other communication has glaring errors in grammar, this can be distracting to those listening or reading. They may miss the important points of this communication simply because of being distracted by the lack of proofreading.There may also be cases where slight changes to words and phrases can be more appropriate or more accurate, and professional proofreading can assist. If you don't use the right words or expressions you may not be telling your audience when you want from them and they may be getting the wrong message from you as well!