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  1. University Campus Representatives
  2. Australian University Campus Representatives
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Global University Campus Representatives

Is your campus a good candidate for BetterEdit? If there are many international students then chances are it is!

If you are interested in becoming a campus representative and placing posters to help us spread the word about BetterEdit please email Fiona ( to express your interest. Be sure to state which campus(es) you want to represent.

You will be paid a weekly amount and/or a commission in exchange for 2-4 hours work per week putting up BetterEdit posters. Campus reps that consistently place posters and monitor their campaign to make sure posters stay visible are rewarded well.

Australian University Campus Representatives - Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane

5 Jobs Available

BetterEdit requires the service of student campus representatives in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. Representatives are responsible for thoroughly distributing BetterEdit posters to the three major university campuses in their city.

  • Sydney - University of Technology Sydney, University of NSW, Macquarie University and Sydney University
  • Melbourne - Monash, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Melbourne University
  • Canberra - Austalian National University
  • Brisbane - University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University

* May include additional university campuses if you have easy access to them.

Duties: Representatives will be trained for each campus including instruction on how and where to put up posters. Representatives are responsible for placing and monitoring posters at one campus per week during semester on their own. The job is to make sure posters stay visible for as long as possible on as many poster boards as possible at each campus.

Hours: Each campus takes between 2-4 hours to cover so you can expect 2-4 hours work per week. Representatives are free to complete the work whenever it fits within their timetable as long posters are placed during weekdays only, not weekends.

Pay: Representatives are paid $50 per week ($600 per 12 week semester total)

Commencement: Representatives poster from mid March and finish mid June totaling 12 weeks of work. This is repeated for semester two from mid August to mid November for another 12 weeks.

Conditions: Only applicants available for the entire year will be considered (12 weeks of work during semester one [March-June] and semester two [August-November] 2006 for a total of 24 weeks work). You must be physically fit, capable of walking around a campus and up and down stairs in an efficient manner. You must responsible, trustworthy and committed to monitoring your campaign to make sure posters stay visible.

Applications: Please email the following details to (Subject: BetterEdit Campus Rep Application) to apply:

Which city you are applying for (Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra/Brisbane):
Do you have access to any additional campuses not listed?

Your first name:
Your last name:
Are you studying at a university?
If so which university campus?
What course are you studying?
How many years until you graduate?
Are you an international student and if so when are you leaving Australia?

Provide one example from your life demonstrating your commitment to doing a good job:


Status: Applications have closed. If you're not already on our list, make sure you sign up and we'll notify you when we're hiring.

We hire new editors twice a year, usually around January-February and July-August, depending on demand. If you wish to be notified via email of job openings at BetterEdit please fill out this form.

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